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    Ben and Tarka will cover 1800 miles starting from Scott's Terra Nova Hut at the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back to the coast again. That's equivalent to 69 back-to-back marathons hauling up to 200kg each (the weight of roughly two adult men) of kit and supplies necessary to survive.

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A Great Adventure (Video)

More than 10 years of hard work wrapped up in this short video reflecting on some of the key moments from the Scott Expedition.

Please watch, enjoy and share!


# CaninesCashews, February 25th 2014

What a wonderful, awe inspiring film to illustrate an incredible expedition.

Albert Camus wrote “Life is a sum of all your choices.”
What amazing choices you have made Ben, the small ones, the large ones, the easy ones and the hard ones.  Each moving you a little closer to your dream, a dream that Tarka, Andy and, I’m sure, many others along the way have helped you to realise.

You chose your path and stuck to it with a passionate conviction, so infectious that others couldn’t help but be inspired along the way.

Thanks for the ride.


# Richard Pierce, February 27th 2014

Well said, mate. R

# Austin Duryea, February 26th 2014

Amazing film there guys. Congrats on everything.

# Richard Pierce, February 27th 2014

Bloody hell, that’s had me welling up all over again, especially the last 45 seconds. R

# Heidi, March 1st 2014

Me, too, Richard!

I am thankful that the journey has a happy ending, and grateful for the opportunity to “have taken part in a great adventure.”  Well done, gentlemen, and well done Scott expedition Team.

# Tara Carlisle, March 9th 2014

Miss logging into this blog so much. Eagerly anticipating Ben’s book. Well done you 2 and your behind-the-scenes team x

# Christy, February 28th 2014

Watched, enjoyed, shared and treasured!

# Uncle Pete, March 1st 2014

At last managed to catch up on proceedings at Vic Falls! Very satisfying to see you both cross the finishing line and great to see such a welcoming committee there! All the best and thanks for sharing the adventure with us all. Pete

# Colin Buckley, March 2nd 2014

Ben, I will pleased and honoured to shake your hand at the Geneve Motorshow on tuesday
if you will be on the JLR stand.

# Kevin Wright, March 14th 2014

Great video guys and a great welcome on your return. Miss the blog but so glad you both finished safely. I look forward to having the opportunity some day of hearing your story live. Please let all your followers know if you have any plans about where and when. This time next year I will be in Antarctica on my own mini expedition and your story has inspired me so much with my own preparations that I would just like to say a big Thank you and wish you both all the very best for the future.
Keep Going! Kev

# Mal Owen, March 7th 2014

Still missing my daily fix….

# Heidi, March 8th 2014

Me too, Mal.  And I miss the camaraderie of the blog community and reading daily encouragement from you and Richard and CaninesCashews and Intrepid and Uncle Pete and Andrea and all the rest.  And I miss the limericks, and the inspirational quotes.  It was quite a journey, to be sure.

# wonderwoman, March 9th 2014

I share your thoughts, Heidi! Maybe we should make a new blog or webpage for us followers :)
In the meantime, you can try if it interest you reading this:

Thanks to the whole Scott expedition team and Ben and Tarka, for a trip we will never forget.

# Goran Heintz, March 8th 2014

Is there any sort of purpose of this more than just endurance test and breaking a record? Seems like a very boring, monotone way of spending 105 days. Maybe im missing something! Would be cool with gear breakdown btw!

# Chris, March 10th 2014

Well done again guys, to put it extremely mildly!  You must be enjoying the sheer pleasure of family, friendship and recuperation a heck of a lot right now.

We are all, as Brits, very proud of the pair of you.  Thank you.

# John Brain, March 11th 2014

All seems to have gone quiet on the blog front. Those of us who followed the expedition on a daily basis would welcome some news of what is happening now. Is there any de-briefing, analysis etc? If for no one else, I would have thought some follow up for all the schools who followed the expedition would be useful.

# wonderwoman, March 17th 2014

I agree. I would like to hear what Ben and Tarka think about their trip now, looking back to it. But first they need a break and some peaceful time with their loved ones, I guess.

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