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    Ben and Tarka will cover 1800 miles starting from Scott's Terra Nova Hut at the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back to the coast again. That's equivalent to 69 back-to-back marathons hauling up to 200kg each (the weight of roughly two adult men) of kit and supplies necessary to survive.

    Distances here are shown in statute miles.

Antarctic Arrival

Ben will write a full blog from the ice in the next 24hours but this is just a short post to let everyone know that Ben and Tarka have arrived safely in Antarctica.

They've been dropped 32km from Scott's Hut and are now making their way towards the point where their journey will officially begin. 

At the moment it looks like it will take approximately a day and half to get there but Ben will be in touch with the latest and more details.


# Dary Cobabe, October 24th 2013

“Perseverance means to continue in a given course until we have reached a goal or objective, regardless of obstacles, opposition, and other counterinfluences…Perseverance is a positive, active characteristic…It gives us hope by helping us realize that the righteous suffer no failure except in giving up and no longer trying.”
— Joseph B. Wirthlin

# Daryl Cobabe, October 24th 2013

Is it Scott’s hut at Cape Evans or Hut Point ?

# DJ, October 24th 2013

In absence of response from the team, perhaps I can venture a guess.  There are indeed two locations for “Scott’s hut” - one, on the point called “Scott’s Discovery Hut” and one accompanied with a shed called “Scott’s Hut and Scott’s Hut Shed.”  The “Discovery Hut” is closer and at the end of an “airport road.” However it is not the stated “35 km away.”  The Scott’s hut and shed are almost the requisite 35 km distance - that’s where they would seem to be heading (Lets hope the Ice Shelf hasn’t started to break up)  [Google earth map available at: ]

# Anthony Goddard, October 24th 2013

The guys are heading 35km from McMurdo (which is right next to Scott’s Discovery Hut) to Scott’s Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans.

# Kristoffer, October 24th 2013

dj, when is the next update to your Google Earth file coming?

# dj, October 24th 2013

Updates are all the time, two yesterday and am just pushing out one now. Even though they haven’t given us the gps coordinates, 35 km from Scott’s hut is the Ice Runway - that’s where the “we’re here” icon is sitting now. I’m trying to get them to push coordinates to me as fast as possible so I can update the files regularly.

# dj, October 24th 2013

FYI: The “un-official,” but extensive, Google Earth map and resource file of this expedition has been updated with Current Location and Current Trail network links to make it easier for you to follow. You only need to load the file once from the OffroadingHome blog page: and it will be automatically updated with the teams current position and trail whenever you “refresh” the link.  No need to keep re-downloading an updated file.

# Christian, October 25th 2013

I read about your expedition in a German newspaper few weeks ago. Since that day I am following your activities and I am really impressed. Ben, Tarka I wish you all the best for your journey and everytime enough power to take the next steps forward no matter how big the challenge you are facing will be. Good luck/ Viel Glück

# Bailey F, October 28th 2013

Tell all your friends to make it to the top and don’t be scared to jump anytime?????

#, October 28th 2013

“UNICORNS” Tell all your friends hello for us, it’s from the NBHS ninth grade center. “Good Luck”

# Alex_S, October 28th 2013

Ben, how cold was the plane ride?

# Scott Expedition Team, November 20th 2013

It was warm once the heating got going.

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