the Journey

  • Distance to go: 0 Mi

    Ben and Tarka will cover 1800 miles starting from Scott's Terra Nova Hut at the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back to the coast again. That's equivalent to 69 back-to-back marathons hauling up to 200kg each (the weight of roughly two adult men) of kit and supplies necessary to survive.

    Distances here are shown in statute miles.

The Weather Window

Ben and Tarka left Punta Arenas this morning bound for Antarctica. It will now take several days to get their starting point.

In the meantime here's a short video about waiting for the all-important weather window and a few pictures from the last 10 days of packing and preparation.


# Simon, October 21st 2013

You are heading for the bottom of the world to become the 2 brightest stars in the Southern hemisphere. Ben and Tarka are in the Ward family’s thoughts and prayers over the next few months. Per aspera ad astra!

# Bryce Rutledge, October 22nd 2013

I’m apart of 148 highschool students from Texas that are supporting you every step of the way! Right now it’s winter over here and the lowest tep is about 70* degrees. FWI that’s really cold. Anyways I’m really intrigued by your expedition too the North Pole . I watched your TED talk I fairly enjoyed it.

# Bryce Rutledge , October 22nd 2013

And our teacher is making a test about your expedition. Hope you make a safe flight to the Antarctic.

From   New Bruanfels Unicorns 9th grade center.

# Kristoffer, October 22nd 2013

Bryce, 70 F is shorts weather.  Here in Minnesota, it’s 32 F as I write.  Got below that temp last night. 8-)

# Laine, October 22nd 2013

I think what your doing is really cool…

# Hunter B., October 22nd 2013

Good luck on your journey from New Braunfels Ninth Grade Center

# Brandon S. , October 22nd 2013

I am from New Braunfels, Texas! I am watching and rooting every step of the way!!! GO BEN SAUNDERS!!!! THE UNICORNS ARE ALL WITH YOU!!!!!!!!

# Bryce Rutledge, October 23rd 2013

Kristoffer, 70-60 F in Texas is is really cold. It’s actually some what rare too have any temp below 50 F. But 32 F that’s insane! I wish it got that cold down here. The last time it’s snowed down here was 3 years ago and it snowed less than an inch. In need to move up north. :)

# Nate, October 22nd 2013

I will be keeping my eyes peeled, hoping to see you guys when you Ski by McMurdo! Your adventure has been the talk around here lately and we’re all hoping you make the trip in good order. Good luck and godspeed!

# Clayton Caniford, October 22nd 2013

Good luck Ben! We are watching you from New Braunfels Texas!!!!

# Devon Humphries , October 22nd 2013

I have been watching all of your blogs and I think it’s crazy how your doing this! I can’t wait to see way more posts especially when your in Antarctica! Good luck from New Braunfels 9th grade center!!!

# Alexis Elias, October 22nd 2013

Bryce, I think his ted talk video wasn’t fairly good it was amazing. Yeah! Us Unicorns are keeping track of your journey so do well. -NBHS 9th Grade Center.

# Adam, October 22nd 2013

Best of luck guys! Will be watching with interest!

# Daisy, October 22nd 2013

Can’t wait till you make it. (:

# RICHARD DEVEREUX, October 22nd 2013

All the luck in the World to Ben and Tarka. And many thanks to Tem for all the wonderful ‘glimpses’ into this remarkable and historical adventure.
We will check progress every day.

# Sergio pina new Braunfels unicorn , October 22nd 2013

I hope u make it and be safe & GOOOD LUCK FROM THE UNICORNS

# victor serov, October 22nd 2013

Good Luck guys!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.I will be following your progress with a great interest.

# Paul Bower (Downe Arms hotel), October 22nd 2013

No snow here yet, let you know if we hear of any coming your way - Good luck to you both, will be following with interest.

# Zak (New Braunfels Unicorns) , October 22nd 2013

Hey good luck! Can’t wait to see you make it!

# Matt, October 22nd 2013

Hope your expedition is a success! We are all watching you every step of the way from New Braunfels High School in Mrs. Alamos class!

# Alex, October 22nd 2013

Hey Ben, From 29.7000° N, 98.1167° W or New Braunfels, Texas. The New Braunfels Unicorns are keeping track of your blogs. We’re routing for you. Get to the South Pole. We know you can do it!


# Ben, October 22nd 2013

Keep a sharp knife and double up on socks.(New Braunfels)

# #mercedes Cranford (new buranfels unicorns), October 22nd 2013

Good lucky Ben!  You can do it!!

# Erik Gutierrez , October 22nd 2013

Good luck hope u make it

New Braunfels

# Levi emmons unicorns , October 22nd 2013

We’re all with you go Saunders the unicorn

# Dylan, October 22nd 2013

Hope your expedition is a great accomplishment. We are rooting for you from NBHs Ninth grade center in Mrs Alamo’s classroom

# Darryl Fulgham(unicorns), October 22nd 2013

Good Luck! I hope you make it!

# Destiny (New Braunfels Unicorns), October 22nd 2013

Good luck!cant wait to see your adventures!

# Rachel Barker, October 22nd 2013

Hi! I’m Rachel and I hope you have a great exposition!!! We are all routing for you here at NBHS ninth grade center in new braunfels TX!!!!!

# # Madi (New Braunfels High School), October 22nd 2013

Good Luck!! I know your going to make it! GO SAUNDERS!!!

# Caitlin , October 22nd 2013

The New Braunfels Unicorns are all routing for you and can’t wait to see you make it to Antarctica.!!

# Ruby , October 22nd 2013

Hi am ruby and a am in Mis Alamo class and we are going to fallow your gerny and we’ll be cheering trow your gerny .

# Alexis, October 22nd 2013

New Braunfles High School wishes you good luck on your expedition! Can’t wait to see you make it to Antarctica!

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